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The Factory Job in 2035


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Universal Robots - The Factory Job in 2035

What is “work”? Most of us use the word “work” almost every day. But what do we mean when we talk about work, and do we all mean the same thing when we do so?

For many people around the world, work is mainly about providing for ourselves and our families. For the individual worker, it’s what you do to put food on the table. From a broader economic perspective, it’s activity that adds to a country’s GNP. The work itself has neither especially positive nor negative meaning for the individual worker. It’s basically “all about the money.”

But work is also more than that. We can have a lot of “work” to do preparing for a birthday party, decorating the living room, or putting up a new tool shed in the back yard. This is a different and more positive kind of work than “going to work.” It’s work you do for yourself and others – not for money – and it often feels more like having fun. Some people see that jobs they get paid to do as rewarding beyond just the money they earn. These people see work as a means of self-realization and personal fulfillment. For obvious reasons, this way of looking at work is probably more common among white-collar professionals (and their coaches) than for line workers on the factory floor.

Many of the world’s blue-collar laborers experience work as more of a pain than anything else – a necessary evil. “Thank god it’s Friday.”


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