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Tech Primer on Keyless Hub-to-Shaft Connections


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A single set screw locks the low taper angle split bushing in place.

Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc, through 40 years of design and application experience in the synchronous drives market, saw a need for a technologically improved hub-to-shaft connection system.

CMT is a unique bushing attachment system: a single set screw locks the low-taper-angle split bushing in place and eliminates all of the existing attachment issues.

Various timing pulleys

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What is CMT?
A revolutionary new keyless tapered bushing, shaft to hub connection system.

Why Custom Machine & Tool Co Inc developed the CMT Bushing System.
As machine speeds and indexing requirements continue to increase reduction in inertia and vibration becomes important.

CMT® Technology
Bushing system is engineered to assure full surface contact and even clamping pressure without cocking with a single set screw.

Shaft Connection Systems compared
Set Screws Keyways, Pins, Clamp Collars, Other Attachment Systems

Systems requiring a high level of component rotational positioning accuracy and precise run out control.


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Custom Machine & Tool Co., Inc. specializes in precision timing belt pulleys and keyless locking devices Our product …
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