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Servo spot welding offers superior performance and lower lifetime costs for auto manufacturing


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The chart shows the decrease in weld cycles using a servo “ready-to-weld” signal vs. a pneumatic “time-based” command.

The above chart shows the decrease in weld cycles using a servo “ready-to-weld” signal vs. a pneumatic “time-based” command.

By Gary Rosengren, Daniel Cass and Aaron Dietrich

The leading global automotive manufacturers rely on robotic servo spot welding equipment for the assembly of automobile bodies to ensure high productivity, lower costs and higher quality compared to older-style pneumatic spot welding equipment.

Leading global automobile manufacturers rely heavily on robotic equipment. According to the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, the global automobile industry has experienced a 30% increase in production over the past decade. Many of these manufacturers have employed the use of robot-carried (and stationary) servo-controlled spot welding equipment within their body in white production lines. There are good reasons for this, as servo control brings many advantages to this production environment. Higher-quality welds, higher productivity, lower costs and higher overall quality are some of the key advantages available key with servo control. However...


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