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POSITAL/FRABA White Paper: Multiturn Kit Encoders without Batteries or Gears


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POSITAL-FRABA is introducing a new set of component-level products that are designed to be built into servomotors or other types of equipment when real-time measurement of rotary position (angular displacement) or rotational speed is required. Based on POSITAL’s well-proven magnetic rotary encoder technology, these new products provide manufacturers with a flexible and cost-effective way of incorporating rugged and precise rotation measurement capabilities directly into their devices.

Closed-loop motion control systems, whether they are designed for production machinery, manufacturing robots, lifts and cranes, materials handling equipment or medical diagnostic systems, make use of feedback measurements to ensure precise positioning of mechanical components. Stand-alone position sensors, such as rotary encoders, can do a good job of providing this feedback. In many cases though, it is technically and economically preferable to collect position measurement directly from a drive motor or
other rotating component (such as a valve stem or cable drum) without the cost and complexity of extra measurement devices.

POSITAL, a manufacturer of high-quality position and motion sensors is introducing new products designed to provide the manufacturers of servomotors and rotating machinery with rugged, accurate and cost- effective tools for integrating position measurement functionality into their products. This new technology avoids many of the limitations and shortcomings of traditional measurement devices, such as the electromagnetic resolvers and optical encoders used in many servomotors. The new POSITAL rotation measurement tools share technology with the company’s highly successful IXARC magnetic rotary encoders. Now however,


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POSITAL-FRABA Inc., based in Hamilton New Jersey, is the North American member of the Netherlands-based FRABA Group, a …
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