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7 Factors to Consider when choosing the right Gear Technology


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7 Factors to Consider when choosing the right Gear Technology

Choosing a drive involves several design factors that depend greatly on the task at hand. For more precise and exact movements, drives that have a high accuracy and repeatability are required. If a task requires a high torque output or speed, a larger drive or one with specific gear ratios will be necessary. The following is a list of the Top 7 design aspects you need to know that include sizing, mounting, speed, torque, accuracy, and repeatability.

1.) Power Requirements (Speed / Torque / Duty Cycle):

  • Most servo applications include speed and torque profiles that vary with time
  • Gearing technologies have speed and torque ratings that account for these cyclic type applications
  • Calculations for average toque and speed are derived from life limiting gear train elements
  • Speed and torque calculations are generally tied to a service life, and will often, but not always, dictate frame size selection
  • Methodology for calculating average torques and speeds & ultimately service life, varies from technology to technology

2.) Output Bearing Requirements (Load Support / Accuracy):

  • Servo gear reduction technologies often include a bearing system supporting the ...

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