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Web Developer

Jules Gravinese, Web Developer

The builder of motioncontrol.com is Jules Gravinese, the Lead Developer at Gravity Web Works. His success is based on a background in graphic design, 3D animation, and building multimedia presentations and Kiosks. In those early stages, Jules worked with companies such as Modells and Ellis Island, and ran a Director-based presentation at the New England Direct Marketing Association in Boston, MA.

Over 20 years of experience in web programming - working with clients such as BASF, Nikon USA, ADP, the University of Minnesota, the City of Aspen, and the City of Grand Junction - gives Jules the ability to do what he loves best: combine equally beautiful design and code. His specialty is using web2.0 animations and AJAX to create completely SEF/SEO user interfaces that rival Flash’s functionality and interactivity. Database driven CMSs and ecommerce websites make up the bulk of Jules’ work.