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A potentiometer is a device for measuring voltage by comparison of an unknown voltage with a known reference voltage by use of a galvanometer which is a electromechanical instrument. Potentiometers tend to be limited for their lack of speed, flexibility and reliability. Some manufacturers have designed through-hole encoders as alternatives with greater capability and reliance for industrial applications.


Potentiometers may be used in slow moving shaft positioning feedback applications.

Geared potentiometers are useful when increased shaft speed require enhanced feedback capability.



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ARC Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer of machined components, stampings, powder coatings, and electro-mechanical and electronic assemblies

Everight Position Technologies Corp.

Everight Position Technologies provides solutions for linear, angular and tilt position measurement.


Our POSITAL encoders support the standard (serial, parallel) and fieldbus interfaces (DeviceNet, Profibus, and Interbus.)

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