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Optical Encoder

Optical Encoders courtesy POSITAL-FRABA

An optical encoder is a electromechanical device which has an electrical output in digital form proportional to the angular position of the input shaft. Optical encoders enable an angular displacement to be converted directly into a digital form. Optical encoders provide critical position feedback in applications where precision is important.


Optical encoder usage by industry:

  • Aerospace
  • Food and Beverage
  • Material Handling
  • Mobile equipment
  • Packaging
  • Printing


Specific products employing optical encoders:

  • Aerospace - ground support vehicles and antenna positioning
  • Material handling - conveying systems, palletizers, etc...
  • Packaging - Cartoning machinery, automated filling equipment, and more


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Micronor's technology portfolio offers the broadest range of products from electromechanical to electronic to optical to fiber optic.


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