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Zaber Miniature Motorized Rotation Stages with Built-in Controllers


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Zaber X-RSM-E Motorized Rotational Stage with Built-in Controller

At a total height of 21 mm, Zaber's X-RSM-E Series rotation stages are our most compact stepper and worm gear driven devices.These are stand-alone units requiring only a power supply.

These devices have 0.02° repeatability, an aperture of 4 mm, and a load capacity of 50 N. Self-aligning feet and mounting points make it easy to set up a multi-axis tilt or gimbal system using Zaber's X-GSM tilt devices or mounting brackets.

Like all X-Series Zaber devices, the X-RSM-E have built-in controllers and are capable of daisy-chaining with other Zaber devices.

The optional built-in encoders provide position feedback with slip/stall detection and automatic recovery.


Zaber Technologies Inc.
#2 - 605 West Kent Ave. N.
Vancouver , British Columbia V6P 6T7

Map for Zaber Technologies Inc. in Vancouver 00 CA

Zaber 's extensive line of computer controlled motorized linear slide s, miniature linear actuator s, motorized rotary …
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