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Zaber High-Load, High Accuracy Stages with Built-in Controllers


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Zaber’s X-LRT-AEC Series motorized linear stages

Zaber’s X-LRT-AEC Series devices are computer-controlled, motorized linear stages designed for positioning high loads to within 20 µm accuracy. An integrated linear encoder combined with stage calibration provides high accuracy positioning over the full travel of the device. Devices have low pitch, roll, yaw and runout and a long lifetime. Flexible dust covers keep out moderate debris. An indexed knob provides convenient manual control for versatile operation even without a computer.

X-LRT-AEC features include:

100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm travel
20 µm full travel accuracy
300 kg load capacity
Integrated linear encoder with 50 nm resolution
Built-in controller; daisy-chains with other Zaber products
Ball screw and lead screw configurations available
Includes stainless steel dust covers


Zaber Technologies Inc.
#2 - 605 West Kent Ave. N.
Vancouver , British Columbia V6P 6T7

Zaber 's extensive line of computer controlled motorized linear slide s, miniature linear actuator s, motorized rotary …
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