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Vacuum-Compatible Motorized Goniometers with Built-in Controllers


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Vacuum-Compatible Motorized Goniometers with Built-in Controllers

Zaber's X-GSM-SV Series devices are vacuum compatible, computer-controlled, motorized goniometers with a built-in controller in a compact size. Like all of Zaber's products, the X-GSM-SV Series is designed to be 'plug and play' and very easy to set up and operate. If you are considering a multi-axis system, in the XY configuration, these stages are designed to stack with mounting alignment features in the stage top and base. 40 mm and 60 mm centre of rotation options allow for two axes of motion about a common centre of rotation. An integrated stepper motor controller and motor driver allows for easy-to-use control with only 4 feedthrough wires required to control all units in a daisy-chain via serial port (with an X-PIB adaptor).


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