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US Digital offers the MD3 Microstepping Motor Driver


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US Digital MD3 Microstepping Motor Driver

Vancouver, Washington, USA – US Digital, a U.S. manufacturer of motion control products since 1980, announces the release of the MD3 Programmable Microstepping Motor Driver. It is capable of driving motors from NEMA size 14 to 42. The MD3 accepts 9-50VDC power inputs and is rated for currents up to 7A continuous duty. 

In addition to digital input controls, the MD3 can be configured and controlled using the open MODBUS RTU protocol over a RS485 bus. A GUI application is supplied that allows many settings to be changed including the number of microsteps per full step, acceleration/deceleration rates, speed and current cutback.

The design supports multiple MD3 units on the same RS485 bus and allows for programmable motion profiles. In addition, the MD3 has a brushed DC motor speed control mode.

About US Digital:

US Digital designs and manufactures motion control products used for speed and position control in a wide variety of industrial applications. Motion control building blocks include incremental and absolute optical encoders, magnetic encoders, inclinometers and more. With vertically integrated design and manufacturing capabilities, all products are delivered with best-in-industry lead times. US Digital is ISO 9001:2015 certified and located in Vancouver, Washington, USA.


US Digital Corporation
1400 NE 136th Ave
Vancouver , WA 98684
United States

What We Do US Digital's precision position sensors and inclinometers are used in a wide variety of places: robotics , …
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