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Trio introduces new board-level Controllers


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Trio introduces new board-level Controllers

New for 2013 are the all new Euro404 and Euro408 compact motion controller and compact machine controller. The cost effective 3U style 4 and 8 axis models support the IEC 61131-3 programming languages, in addition to the well-established and powerful Trio BASIC.

The 64-bit controllers also support Trio’s new UNIPLAY HMI programming system, fully integrating screen design with motion & machine programming using Motion Perfect v3. 
The flexible axis ports can be configured in software as feedback devices or pulse direction outputs. As outputs they can be used as pulse and direction with stepper or servo drives or they can operate as a simulated encoder output.
When configured as feedback they can be either incremental encoder input or one of three popular absolute encoder types; SSI, Tamagawa or Endat. Any feedback axis can be used with a voltage output to form a closed loop servo.
The built-in Ethernet port allows programming and connection of common HMI and PLC protocols directly to the Motion Coordinator. User programs can be written in Trio’s established multi-tasking TrioBASIC language using the powerful Motion Perfect application development software making complex motion easy.
Also available as an option is the industry standard IEC 61131-3 languages allowing fully functional PLC programming system.
The Euro404 / 408 features a total of 16 axes in software. Any axes not assigned to built-in hardware can be used as a virtual axis. Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular or helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams, linked axes and gearboxes.

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