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Trinamic's small, lightweight servo controller module


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Trinamic's small, lightweight servo controller module

Trinamic introduces a small, lightweight servo controller module for medical, robotic, and aerospace applications. The TMCN-1617 is designed for servo drives with 18A RMS and 8 to 28V DC supply voltage. It includes EtherCAT, CAN and RS485 interfaces, and an ultra-lightweight aluminum housing.


  • High-current loop frequencies to minimize ripple to enable smaller electric drives with high dynamics
  • Support for a wide range of encoders including incremental and analog encores as well as digital hall sensors.
  • Field-oriented control implemented in hardware for rugged servo drives
  • Custom housing

TMCM 1617 potted in aluminum

TMCM-1617 product information:  https://www.trinamic.com/products/modules/details/tmcm-1617/

TMCM-1617 data sheet: https://www.trinamic.com/fileadmin/assets/Products/Modules_Documents/TMCM-1617_HW_Manual_V1.00.pdf


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