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Three-axis Miniature Gimbal Mounts from OES Feature High Resolution and Stability!


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Three-axis Miniature Gimbal Mounts from OES Feature High Resolution and Stability!

OES (Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.), has introduced three new Three-axis Miniature Gimbal Mounts . The overall height is less than 170 mm (‭6.693 inch). These compact, motorized, high accuracy yaw (azimuth), pitch (elevation), and roll stages are ideal for: Prototype development, reverse engineering, for use with a coordinate measuring machine, laser scanning, and in robotic or manual assembly when exposure to multiple surfaces is required. 

The YPR60-60-60-01 (stepper motor driven - pictured), the YPR60-60-60-02 (brushless servo motor driven) and the YPR60-60-60-03 (DC servo motor driven) are stacked precision rotary stages with positional accuracies of 0.05 degrees, repeatability of +/- 0.01 degrees, and resolutions dependent on the stepper motor driver (open loop operation) or servo motor and optical encoder (closed loop operation). Using a micro-stepper with a resolution of 10 micro-step per step, the resolution of the rotating platform would be 0.001 degrees or 3.6 arc-sec.

Each axis is driven by a 180:1 worm gear, and has a large range of travel. The top axis (roll axis) has a 60 mm (2.362 inch) diameter table and a precise pattern of threaded holes for fixtures or tooling.

The maximum speed with stepper motors is 14 degrees/second and 45 degrees/second with servo motors.

All axes have a HOME signal for initialization Additionally each axis has a calibrated indicator to display the angle of rotation.

The knobs of stepper motors can be replaced with optional optical encoders for position verification.

The YPR60-60-60-02 and YPR60-60-60-03 feature servo motors and optical quadrature encoders for very precise closed loop operation and greater speeds.

The YPR60-60-60 series stage can be ordered with a fully a plug-and-play and compatible multi-axis motion controller from OES.


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