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T16 micro linear track actuator by Actuonix Motion Devices


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Actuonix T-16P family of linear track actuators

Introducing the newest member of the Actuonix family of motion devices, the T16 micro linear track actuator.

Actuonix's new line of micro linear track actuators solidifies our position as a leader in the micro motion industry and reaffirms our commitment to offer the largest selection of affordable actuators.

The T16 Track Actuator uses a sliding mounting block on a track rather than an extending rod making these units shorter than standard linear actuators and better suited to tight spaces. Track actuators are also more tolerant of side-loads, and thus are a great choice for applications where a side-load is present.

This new line is available immediately in three strokes: 100mm, 200mm and 300mm, along with three gearing options of 22:1, 64:1 or 256:1. With the 256:1 gearing, it will push an impressive 67lbs max force. The T16 are available as a 12V unit only, and come in two distinct series, giving you flexibility in how you control the unit.

P” Series: The “P” series linear track actuators feature an analog position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller. The “P” series can be used with our Linear Actuator Control Board which gives you the option of controlling them with USB (via our Configuration Utility Software), 0-5v, 4-20mA, RC Servo or PWM. The LAC board also offers on-board adjustment of the actuator's end limits, speed and sensitivity.

S” Series: The T16-S series is is a simple two-wire actuator that is operated by reversing polarity. It comes with end of stroke limit switches that will turn the actuator off if it runs into it's end stop. These can be run with a DPDT switch, relay or brushed DC motor controller.


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