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Stepper Motor and Encoder Combo Offers All-in-One Motion Control Solution


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The CUI NEMA AMT112S stepper servo motor family

Tualatin, OR - CUI’s Motion Group announced a new line of stepper motors paired with their AMT11 incremental encoder series. The NEMA‑AMT112S stepper servo motor family is available in compact NEMA 8, 11, 14, 17, and 23 frame sizes with a step angle of 1.8° and holding torques ranging from 3 to 270 oz-in (0.021 to 1.90 N-m). When paired with a controller, the motor and encoder combo provides closed-loop feedback for a complete servo system. This gives designers a highly reliable motor and motion control feedback solution in one convenient package for a range of applications.

Integrating with the stepper motors is CUI’s innovative AMT11 incremental encoder series. This rugged, high accuracy modular encoder features 22 programmable resolutions from 48 to 4096 PPR, a digitally set zero position, and CMOS voltage output waveforms. The resolutions are fully programmable via CUI’s AMT Viewpoint™ software without having to remove the encoder from the motor, allowing for ultimate flexibility in the field. Thanks to its proprietary capacitive technology, the AMT11 series is also not susceptible to contaminants such as dirt, dust, and oil typically encountered in industrial environments.

The NEMA-AMT112S series are available immediately with prices starting at $105.28 per unit at 50 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI for OEM pricing.

Product name: NEMA08‑AMT112S, NEMA11‑AMT112S, NEMA14‑AMT112S, NEMA17‑AMT112S, NEMA23‑AMT112S
Availability: Stock to 8 weeks
Possible users: Industrial, robotics, automation applications
Primary features: Closed-loop feedback, all-in-one motor and encoder solution
Cost: $105.28 per unit at 50 pieces through distribution

View details for the NEMA08-AMT112S series

View details for the NEMA11-AMT112S series

View details for the NEMA14-AMT112S series

View details for the NEMA17-AMT112S series

View details for the NEMA23-AMT112S series 

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