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Solustan, Inc offers the latest version of the Agni Laser Controller


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Solustan Agni laser machine controller

Laser controller for Chinese CO2 laser machines as well as US made laser machines

Solustan, Inc. offers the latest version of the Agni laser controller and its associated LinkMotion driver software.

Many buyers could not afford the laser machine offered by companies like Universal and Epilog. On the other hand, buyers preferred the pricing point and construction of Chinese made laser machines but could not warm up to the software, features, and support offered by the Chinese manufacturers.

Solustan's Agni controller and the LinkMotion software bridge the gap well. Buy a well made Chinese laser machine and replace the controller and create a perfect balance between the high quality US made laser machines and Chinese pricing.

The Agni controller and the LinkMotion software are developed and manufactured right here in the USA and are priced attractively. The support is available with a local phone call. The manual and support are available in English langauge. Solustan is continuously enhancing the controller design, its electronics, and the features of the driver software.

  • The software works natively in both inches and millimeters.
  • In addition to controlling the machine directly from a PC, it can also be controlled using your iOS and Android based phones and tablets.
  • The LinkMotion driver software is totally compatible with Win 10 32/64, Win 8 32/64, Win 7 32/64, and Win XP.
  • The minimum job buffer is 1 Giga Bytes. Most controllers are equipped with 4 Giga bytes.
  • Either laptop or Desktop PC can be used to work with Solustan controller.
  • Design your job using your favorite program like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Photoshop, and many others. Simply click Print using LinkMotion driver and start the job.
  • A simple USB cable with either 2.0 or higher interface is all required between the PC and the controller.
  • The combined list price of the Agni controller and the LinkMotion driver software is only $999 plus shipping.
  • The controller is designed to work with Chinese glass tubes as well as RF metal tubes. It manages power, speed, and frequency for different materials using color coding within the same job.

Please, call us or send email to receive complete details of the state-of-the-art features and functions as well as special pricing.

The following machines are already upgraded and working at customer locations:

  • Universal
  • Xenetech
  • Trotec
  • many Chinese laser machines

For more information, please, contact: 

Mr.Dhiren Shah, Dir, Operations 

Solustan, Inc.

165 Chestnut Street, Suite #200

Needham, MA 02492


Solustan Inc
165 Chestnut St., Suite 200
Needham , MA 02492
United States

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