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SilverMaxT QCI-XT23 Integrated Motor and Controller Family


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SilverMax™ Hybrid Servo Motor

The SilverMax™ XT-series is QuickSilver Control’s lower-cost fully integrated Hybrid Servo Motor with feedback, a Controller/Indexer, and a Digital Driver in a compact IP50 package. All communications, I/O, and power are accessed through pluggable screw terminal blocks. The I/O interface includes 7 I/O, all of which support both LVTTL and analog signals, and one of which also supports 0 to 10v analog input. A hardware drive enable input is standard and a drive enable source is also included. Communication via CANopen and RS-485 serial, which may be operated simultaneously. The driver is rated to 6A continuous per phase. The system is designed for use at +12.5 to +48 VDC. Connectors are included.

System Overview

  • Point-to-Point Moves
    • Relative or Absolute
    • Velocity or Time Based
    • S-Curve
  • Advanced Motion Profile Moves
    • Profile Move Commands
    • Register Based
      • Position/Accel/Decel/Vel
      • Modify On-the-Fly
  • Multi-Axis Linear Interpolation
    • XYZ Coords Contained in T ext
    • CANopen® used for local bus
    • 1000+ Points Stored in NV Memory
  • Program and Data Storage
    • 32K Non-Volatile Memory:
    • 2000-3000 Program Lines
    • 8095 Word Execute Buffer
    • 4285 User Registers
    • User Data Examples
      • CAM Tables
      • Motion Profiles
      • Lookup Tables
  • Electronic Slip Clutch/Brake
    • Variable Torque
    • Wind/Unwind Applications
  • Anti-HuntTM
    • Optionally use Open Loop While Holding
    • No Servo Dither While at Rest
  • Communications
    • RS-485 @ up to 230K Baud
    • ASCII,Binary,Modbus®,DMX512
    • Host Control While Servo in Motion
    • CANopen® (Rev 03 SW and higher)
  • Programming Language
    • Easy, Menu Driven Interface
    • Command Parameter Prompts
    • No Syntax Errors
    • User Namable I/O and Registers
  • Advance PVIATM Servo Loop
    • 100:1 Inertial Mismatch
    • Direct Drive Oversized Inertial Loads
    • Flywheels/Belt Drives
    • Typically Without Gearheads
    • More Stable Than PID
  • Digital 4 Quadrant Vector Drive
    • DSP Driven for Reduced Noise
  • Multi-Task/Multi-Thread
  • NEMA 23 Frame
    • 8000 Counts/Rev Encoder
    • Up to 435 oz-in (3 Nm) (continuous)

QuickSilver Controls Inc.
990 N. Amelia
San Dimas , CA 91773
United States

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