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SilverMax QCI-X34 Integrated Motor and Controller Family


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SilverMax™ QCI-X34 Integrated Motor and Controller Family

QuickSilver Controls, Inc. (www.QuickSilverControls.com) is proud to announce the SilverMax™ X-series 34 frame Integrated motor and controller Family.

Driver Operation from 12.5v to 72v (processor section 12v to 48v). Mechanical power out levels up to 850 W continuous (varies with family line and operating voltage). High efficiency of 80% over up to a 4:1 speed range. High motor quality factor means lower temperature operation at maximum torque. Good efficiency down to a couple hundred RPM. Torque levels up to ~18Nm continuous.

We have added a lower cost option for mid power ranges – X34CK-1 and -2 and X34CT-1, in addition to the more powerful X34HC-x family.

The clamp circuit is now integrated into the system, allowing for either internal or external clamping resistors, or for bypassing the clamp to allow regeneration into a battery. Standard 16000 CPR encoder, drive enable, CANopen™, IP65 (front shaft seal is a separate option). Analog and digital capability on all 7 IO. 0-10v input included.

Contact us at +1 909-599-6291 or go to www.QuickSilverControls.com for more information.

Data sheet: http://www.quicksilvercontrols.com/SP/DS/QCI-DS033_QCI-X34.pdf

SilverMax™, and QuickControl® are trademarks of QuickSilver Controls, Inc.


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