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RoLin - Magnetic Position Encoder for integration into small motion systems


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RLS RoLin Magnetic Position Encoder

RLS miniature sensors for space constraint applications

RLS announces the launch of high performance miniature encoder sensors for embedded OEM motion control applications. With their miniature and lightweight design they are perfect for medical applications, optics positioning, robot control, 3D printers, gimbals and hand held devices. The miniature sensors come in 4 different shapes and offer linear and rotary performances at resolutions to 0.244 µm for linear and to 753,664 cpr for rotary applications.

The encoders consist of a miniature sensor and a magnetic scale or a ring. The sensors are available either in a potted housing or as PCB board level sensors. The position information is output in incremental quadrature TTL or RS422 and parallel in SSI and BiSS-C formats with the option of a unique or periodic reference mark. The proven RLS non-contact sensing technology brings high reliability and performance in harsh applications.

RoLin – for integration into small motion systems

A miniature packaged, robust magnetic position encoder designed for either linear or rotary position feedback. RoLin is available as a “PCB circuit board ready” read-head for integration into small motion system designs. It is also available as a “stand alone” packaged read-head with “flex cable” connection.

RLS is a world leader in the development of high performance magnetic encoder feedback solutions and as an associate company of Renishaw offers worldwide sales and technical support.

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