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Reduce Space and Weight Problems by Using High Performance BLDC Kit Motors


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Reduce Space and Weight Problems by Using High Performance BLDC Kit Motors

ARC Systems, Inc. offers High Performance Brushless DC Stator and Rotor Components available as Kits. The use of these Kit Components will eliminate the need for Housing and End Bells, thereby becoming an integral part of any assembly which will not only save valuable space but will also reduce overall weight.

Designed with High Energy Magnetic Laminations and Class H Insulation, these components exceed the most rigid performance requirements. Some design features are: • Frame Sizes From 0.75” to 7.5” • Pre-installed Hall Effect Sensors either on board or in coil heads pre-aligned for assembly • Rare earth magnets proving high flux output in small volumes • Class H insulation for high temperature applications • Wire Sizes 20 to 45 AWG. High density copper windings for low thermal resistance • End turns formed to minimize motor size • Skewed laminations to reduce cogging • Rotor sleeve for magnets for high speed motors From concept through engineering and production, ARC is committed to producing the highest quality components at competitive prices, delivered on time. We have a vast library of proven designs along with a broad base of frame sizes and configurations for each product line. These and our engineering and manufacturing experience enable us to respond quickly and reliably to any design specification. Quality is literally built into the product at ARC. Attention to quality is monitored through all phases of the operation. From receiving through manufacturing, ARC’s overall quality assurance program is certified to ISO 9001:2008.


ARC Systems, Inc.
2090 Joshuas Path
Hauppauge , NY 11788-4764
United States

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ARC Systems, Inc . was founded in 1967 to provide the aerospace industry with a dependable source for high-precision …
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