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Quicksilver Controls SilverMax Multi-Turn Absolute Position capability


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QuickSilver Controls QCI-X23 SilverMax Servomotor

QuickSilver Controls, Inc. ( is proud to announce the new QCI-X23 family of SilverMax comes standard with a Processor Battery Back-up Option for Multi-Turn Absolute Position capability.

This power input powers the processor, communications, IO, and the encoder, and allows the processor to remain operational even when the driver power is removed, for example to conform to a safety requirement or a power outage.

Keeping the processor alive maintains the position information so that the system does not require re-homing when the driver power is again applied to the system. A small gel-cell is sufficient to keep the system operating for an extended period. The processor backup power is between 8 and 13.2v.

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