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QuickSilver Controls SilverMax 23 Frame X-Series IP65


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QuickSilver Controls SilverMax 23 Frame X-series IP65 on YouTube

The SilverMax is a fully integrated Hybrid Servo Motor with feedback, a Controller/Indexer, and a Digital Driver in a compact package. All communications and power are accessed through a single 19 pin M16 connector.

QCI offers an optional front shaft seal kit if the shaft will be exposed to water. Although the IP65 test is only a few minutes of fairly low flow water, we were interested in a more demanding test – 24 Hours submerged.

See the video!

Imagine it. Move it. QuickSilver Controls

Contact us at +1 909-599-6291 or go to for more information.

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United States

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QuickSilver Controls , Inc. is a motion control product manufacturer based in Covina California established in 1996. QCI …
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