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QuickSilver Controls QCI-BCB Analog to Digital Converter


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QuickSilver Controls QCI-BCB Analog to Digital Converter

QuickSilver Controls, Inc. ( is proud to announce our QCI-BCB (Bridge Converter Box) is a 24-Bit ADC (analog-to-digital converter) data acquisition (DAQ) module designed to accurately measure small analog signals.

The QCI-BCB interfaces directly with sensors that require an external excitation source, such as RTD (resistance-temperature detectors), pressure sensors, bridge transducers, or strain gauges. QCI’s SilverSterling controller/driver series and SilverMax X-series integrated servo motors interface with QCI-BCB via serial-based SPI communications. A SilverMax X-series servo motor can be programmed to control its motor position, velocity, and/or torque based on sensor readings. The QCIBCB also includes an on-board EEPROM that’s useful for storing sensor calibration. The ADC sampling rate can be programmed as high as 2kHz, and will automatically update the selected user register in the background once its read mode command has been started.

To enable SPI communications, the SilverSterling controllers require minimum firmware revision 34 and internal jumpering of the internal 60 pin connector. The SilverMax X-series servo motors require minimum firmware revision 29, and use IO lines 4,5,6,and 7 for the SPI signals.

Available with a box (Shown) and board only.

Contact us at +1 909-599-6291 or go to for more information.


QuickSilver Controls Inc.
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San Dimas , CA 91773
United States

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