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QuickSilver Controls offers the QCI-D2-IGM Controller


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QuickSilver Controls QCI-D2-IGM Controller

QuickSilver Controls announces the availability of the QCI-D2-IGM. This controller extends the D2-IG8 to having sixteen 24v I/O with internal IO and encoder signals also brought out to cage clamp connectors.

This product supersedes the QCI-D2-IGB providing all the functionality in a more compact format with pluggable connectors, as well as the QCI-D2-IG8 extending the IO from 8 to 16.

An ethernet option is available.


QuickSilver Controls Inc.
990 N. Amelia
San Dimas , CA 91773
United States

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QuickSilver Controls , Inc. is a motion control product manufacturer based in Covina California established in 1996. QCI …
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