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QuickSilver Controls offers the Mosolver NEMA 17


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The Mosolver™ NEMA 17 by QuickSilver Controls

An innovative servo motion actuator which infuses a position feedback sensor into the very structure of a high pole count AC motor is now available in NEMA 17 frame motor. Compact size - No encoder to protect!

The Mosolver is a combination Motor and Resolver in the same footprint as the Motor alone, enabling compact, inexpensive, and robust closed loop motion control. The encoder is no longer needed, and the resolver function is combined with the motor to allow both for commutation and position sensing.

Sense coils have been added within the motor, allowing the rotor position to be determined. The voltages induced in these small sense coils result from a combination of the PWM current ripple and flux steering which occur by the interaction of the rotor and the stator magnetics.

As a closed loop hybrid servo motor, only the current needed to support the load is needed, resulting in a cooler operation.

The Mosolver is an energy efficient, precise and cost-effective motion control solution.

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