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Optical Rotary Encoder with Ethernet POWERLINK Interface


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Optical Rotary Encoder Ethernet POWERLINK Interface

Real-Time Interface

Ethernet POWERLINK is an open and completely software based solution that is promoted by the EPSG (Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group). It is a real-time protocol that is based on the CANopen back bone. The encoders from FRABA POSITAL have a jitter for synchronization that is less than 1 micro seconds.

Ease of Installation

There is an integrated web server to easily change parameters and configure the encoder. These multiturn encoders are available in a vast variety of mechanical options. The varied resolution options make these encoders a good fit for various material handling, packaging and paper machinery based applications. These encoders are directly compatible with B&R and Baldor PLC’s and drives, making them perfect for retrofitting for position control.

Product Range:
OPTOCODE Specifications

  • Resolution per Revolution up to 16 bit (65536 Steps per Turn)
  • Up to 14 bit Revolutions (16384 Total Turns)
  • Operating Temperature of 0 to +60 °C
  • Protection Class IP 65 at the Housing, IP66 at the Flange
  • Blind Hollow and Solid Shaft Versions
  • Available in Stainless Steel * UL Listed


  • Integrated Web Server
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • 2-Port Repeater for low-cost wiring
  • Supports Powerlink V1 and Powerlink V2 Protocols

1800 East State St - Ste 148
Hamilton , NJ 08609
United States

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