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Oil Debris Sensor prevents unscheduled downtime by detecting particle build-up


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Gill Sensors Condition Monitoring Sensor

Gill Sensors new Condition Monitoring Sensor provides continuous real-time monitoring of particle contamination in hydraulic and engine oil lubrication systems. The sensor triggers either an immediate alarm in cases of large particle build-up, or an early warning indication for needed maintenance in both cases preventing unexpected downtime. Typical applications include monitoring industrial gearboxes, diesel engines, motorsports, marine, power generation, automotive systems and wind turbine gear boxes.

Unlike typical on-line particle counters and contamination sensors on the market, Gill’s Condition Monitoring Sensor incorporates an extremely powerful, high temperature neodymium magnet that collects debris and keeps it from recirculating through the system, thereby eliminating the possibility of further damage to components. With two independent channels for particle detection one for fine metallic debris and the other for lager metallic debris engineers have unprecedented real time information on the health of the mechanical components that are most reliant on hydraulic lubrication systems.

“Engineers will find the new sensor invaluable for providing an accurate picture of particle accumulation throughout their entire lubrication system,“ says Paul Cain, Manager of Business Development for Gill Sensors North America. “With this type of malfunction ‘safeguard’, engineers and maintenance managers now have much better control over system operation and costs.”

Featuring solid state technology with no moving parts, the new sensor operates at temperatures from -40°C (-40 °F) to 150° C (302 °F) and works independently of oil flow rate, temperature, viscosity, oil color or air and water content. Outputs are from 4-20mA, 0-10v and CANbus outputs.

For more information, including video, click here or contact Gill’s North American distribution partner, Everight Position at [email protected] or www.evrtp.com .


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