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NUTEC adds the Direct-Drive THETA-4 to its Rotary Stage Collection


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NUTEC THETA-4 Direct Drive Rotary Stage

The THETA-4 is a new addition to NUTEC rotary stage series. With its water-resistant design, it is also suitable for harsh work environments. The THETA-4 can be equipped with an optional collet or 3-jaw chuck pneumatic system for various work holding applications. This brushless direct drive servo motor offers high continuous torque and extremely high acceleration capabilities. Minimizing moving parts allows THETA-4 to operate continuously, without any maintenance.


The THETA-4 is offered in customizable options, including standard or high precision models. The standard model’s max speed of 1000 RPMs can be achieved with a 1.095 arc second encoder. This stage has a hub diameter of 110 mm and an aperture diameter of 39 mm. Two preloaded hub bearings suspend the monolithic core, allowing high load capacities with excellent running conditions. The THETA 4 is designed having a minimal sized envelope to achieve maximum torque values. An optional air purge system may be integrated to protect the system from micro particles by elevating internal pressure over ambient pressure.


THETA-4 provides a closed loop position and velocity feedback, enabling outstanding motion control. With a high torque to inertia ratio, this stage is ideal for high acceleration applications with rapid starts and stops. Its extreme stiffness offers outstanding dynamic characteristics with low axial and radial run out, even at maximum loads. Its monolithic rotating hub provides stability and increased precision under loads.


THETA-4 rotary positioning stage is designed for precise motor driven rotary positioning and indexing. The THETA-4 can be used in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. It can reach a continuous stall torque of 4.98 N∙m and a peak torque of 15 N∙m. Its compact design significantly lowers wobble and total indicator reading (TIR). Horizontal and vertical mounting features allow the THETA-4 to be applicable to many locations and demands. Our labyrinth seal protects the THETA-4 from dust, contaminants, and spraying water, and is ideal for any harsh laser operations. The THETA-4 excels in applications like optical metrology, high speed assemblies, 3D-Printing, micro-machining, laser processing and many others.

Spindle Option

The THETA-4 can be equipped with either a collet system or 3-jaw chuck. The large diameter aperture allows a wide selection of collets, ranging from stock sizes of 0.2 mm to 32 mm. Standard it is configured for a HARDINGE 5C or 3C collet. The collet system is equipped with a pneumatic clamping module having a closing force of 600 N at 80 PSI.


When you select a NUTEC Mechatronic Systems product, you can feel secure in knowing that it has been designed, and precision built and tested, to enable sustained positioning performance for its entire life expectancy. We design our products METRIC from the ground up in the U.S. and use ISO tolerancing to assure interchangeability and global supportability.


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