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New Trinamic Plug-and-Play Smart Stepper Motor Offers Closed-Loop Operation


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New Trinamic Plug-and-Play Smart Stepper Motor Offers Closed-Loop Operation

TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG announces the closed-loop PD1378 stepper drive, the latest addition to the company’s line of PANdrive smart motors. The PD-1378 is a complete mechatronic solution with 12 to 48V DC and 9A RMS current per motor phase. It is controlled by a single CAN bus interface using either the CANopen or TMCL protocols.

Offered in NEMA23, NEMA24, and NEMA34 flange-sizes, the closed-loop smart stepper motor delivers the efficiency of a servo drive while offering far more torque than servo motors of comparable size at low speeds. With 55Ncm - 700Ncm holding torque, the plug-and-play stepper motors are ideal for industries facing increasingly strict energy efficiency, size, cost, and noise requirements. Target applications include lab automation, factory automation, robotics, and CNCs.

“The smart stepper motors with close-looped functionality are ready-to-use building blocks that simplify design and reduce the time-to-market for new applications,” said Trinamic’s Founder and CEO, Michael Randt. “The PD-1378’s feature set and closed-loop functionality allow engineers to create reliable, scalable systems, while saving precious time and money.”
Designed for decentralized operation, the PD-1378 combines Trinamic’s TMC5160 driver with the TMC4361 servo-controller IC to transform digital information into perfect physical motion. The PD-1378 also employs other popular Trinamic features, including  CoolStep™ for boosting energy-efficiency, StealthChop2™ for silent operation, and  SixPoint™  for velocity control and S-Shaped ramping profiles.

Engineers can program the smart stepper motors with CANopen or Trinamic’s Motion Control Language (TMCL), using the free and easy-to-use GUI. Offered in a variety of lengths and flange-sizes for compatibility with specific use cases, the PD57/60/86-x-1378 is available at the end of February from Trinamic’s distribution channels.

Features and benefits

  • Supply Voltage: 12 to 48V DC
  • 9A RMS current per motor phase
  • CAN bus interface with TMCL or CANopen protocol
  • Built-in high-resolution encoder for closed-loop operation
  • Integrated SixPoint™ and S-Shaped ramp generator
  • Trinamic’s unique feature set including StealthChop™, SpreadCycle™, Coolstep™, and StallGuard™

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