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New Treadmill Controller and HMI Offered by Cognito Quam


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New Treadmill Controller and HMI Offered by Cognito Quam

Cognito Quam Ltd launches the Jolly Jogger control as a simple, versatile and comprehensive solution in treadmill applications as well as an effective, efficient and economically sound choice for retrofits. The only external item required to realize a functioning treadmill is the variable speed AC or DC drive with the Jolly Jogger monitoring and controlling all treadmill activity in a safe and vitalizing experience.

The Jolly Jogger integrates all the functions expected in a treadmill application:

  • Drives the treadmill variable speed AC or DC motor drive with a standard 0-10 VDC control signal and enabling or direction setting optotransistor output interface,
  • Directly controls the slope motor rise and lower movements with a universal connection arrangement to drive any, DC or AC, voltage in single or dual winding connection. Terminal/limit switches can be internal or external and position feedback can come from an encoder or a potentiometer.
  • Estimates or uses the available encoder feedback in measuring treadmill speed and traveled distance,
  • Estimates or uses the available slope encoder/potentiometer feedback in measuring slope angle,
  • Incorporates all user safety and operational safeguard procedures,
  • Features a simple, "clean" and attractive user interface with large LED displays and tactile switches. The anodized aluminum front panel is 2 mm thick and sized 30 x 20 cm (11.8 x 7.9 in). The controller PCB is fixed at its back and with its 249 x 152 mm (9.8 x 6 in) dimensions allows for the assembly to "drop" into a suitably sized hole and be fastened with countersunk screws at the front, and
  • All aspects of Jolly Jogger operation are set and controlled by configuration parameters kept in non-volatile memory. The parameters are accessible/set via the front panel or the board's serial port with the provided monitoring/setup software.

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