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New positioners: extra-long travel ranges with nanometer accuracy


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New positioners: extra-long travel ranges with nanometer accuracy

Many setups in research and industrial applications require movements with nm precision as well as travel ranges in the cm range. Additionally, experiments are often performed under extreme environmental conditions such as vacuum or ultra-high vacuum.

attocube's new long-range positioners perfectly meet this challenge: they offer a travel range of up to 125 mm and a repeatability of 50 nm, even under vacuum conditions down to 5E-11 mBar. Thanks to the universal hole pattern both positioners are designed to be combined with other stages of the ECS line. This allows to create multi-axis systems with up to 6 degrees of freedom. Both - the ECSx50120 and the ECSx50180 - are available with optoelectronic encoders for positioning reading.


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