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New high power density 40 mm brushless motors


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New high power density 40 mm brushless motors

Koford Engineering LLC has introduced a line of outer rotor 40mm diameter brushless motors with exceptional power to weight and size. Weighing only 203 grams they provide a peak output of 900 watts and a continuous output without external cooling or heatsinking of 499 watts. Available input voltages range from 12v to 48 volts and no load rpm from 3,100 to 12,400. Peak efficiency is up to 89%. Matching drives with speed pot or 0-5v control inputs are also available.

Motor Data

Ambient temperature range -73°C to 149°C. Weight 7 oz. (203 grams), maximum winding temp. 180°C. Continuous motor power must be reduced. Contact factory for more information. Data is for winding and magnet temperature of 20°C. For 12 amp drive peak power is limited by drive current limit. Phase leads are 18 AWG.

  • High power density outer rotor sensorless design with built in internal fan for Industrial, military, and aerospace applications including blowers, pumps, and UAV’s.
  • Peak output of 900 watts and continuous power of 499 watts with no heatsinking and with a weight of only 199g for a power to weight ratio of 2,508 watts per kg.
  • Up to 89% efficiency.
  • Up to 1,523 watts continuous power.
  • Long life premium synthetic bearing lube with -73C to 149C temperature range.
  • Hi temp windings, epoxy magnets and silicone lead wires. Motor rated for continuous operation at 150°C.
  • Characterized for operation at 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts.
  • Custom windings or modified shafts on request.
  • Matching drives available.


Koford Engineering LLC
1441 Dorsey Road
Winchester , OH
United States

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All Koford products are made in the USA. Contact our factory for highest power density and efficiency Slotless Brushless …
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