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New Family of Integrated Controllers - ACR7000 Series


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New Family of Integrated Controllers - ACR7000 Series

Parker’s Electromechanical & Drives Division North America is pleased to announce the release of the ACR7000 series controllers. The new ACR7000 series combines performance, value and scalability that exceeds OEM expectations. Built on the well-known ACR9000 platform, the new family utilizes re-imagined hardware designs, ideal for tabletop and laboratory style instruments. With the power and flexibility of the AcroBasic language, the ACR7000 series is the perfect building block for customer specific motion system solutions.

“The first member of the ACR7000 family packs a versatile motion controller, efficient, high-performance stepper drives, and fast Ethernet communications into a compact, space-saving package,” says Jim Wiley, Product Manager for Parker. “The all-in-one design will not only reduce the footprint of the control system but also eliminates the numerous connections and cables between drive and controller.”

Hardware features

  • 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • Ethernet Communications, RJ-45 Connection
  • 24VDC Motor Input Power and separate 24VDC control power
  • Four micro-stepping drives with up to 4Amps for each motor
  • Selectable micro-stepping resolution, up to 51,200 steps/rev
  • Four Encoder inputs for optional position maintenance or position verification functions
  • On-board I/O, including high-speed trigger inputs and encoder-based outputs

The release of the ACR7000 also introduces a new software development tool, Parker Motion Manager (PMM). Parker Motion Manager combines the best of Parker’s ACR-View (a powerful code-development tool) and years of user feedback in a modern, user-friendly, and scalable software development environment. A stream-lined set-up wizard and new-look software oscilloscope are among the exciting features in PMM.


ACR7000 Dimensions


Part Number ACR74T-A4V2C1
Axes 4
Motor Output 4 Amps/axis (peak of Sine)
Each axis is user selectable from 0.5 to 4
Two-phase Stepper Motors
Motor Input Voltage 24VDC
Control Input Voltage 24VDC, 20W
Drive Resolution Microstepping, selectable to 1/256 steps
(51200 steps/rev for 1.8 deg motors)
Digital Inputs 20 programmable inputs, 5-24 VDC
Includes 8 available for Position Capture
Digital Outputs 8 programmable outputs, 5-24 VDC
Includes 4 available for position based output
Power Stage Enable Dedicated input shuts down all drives
Encoder Inputs 4 Incremental encoders,
1.6 MHz, differential, A, B, Z signals
Processor 800MHz ARM® Cortex®-A8 processor
Communications 100 Base-T, RJ-45 connector
Supports TCP/UDP and EtherNet/IP
Development Software Parker Motion Manager
API ComACRServer
Libraries for C++,C#, VB.NET, etc
Programming Language AcroBASIC with 1Mb of user memory
Protective Circuits Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Over Current, Over
Standards CE (LVD), CE (EMC), RoHS


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United States

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