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New brushed DC motor controllers for industrial and commercial use


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New brushed DC motor controllers for industrial and commercial use

BasicMicro is proud to introduce the MCP line of brushed DC motor controllers. The MCP line are flexible controllers designed for both industrial and commercial usage and help solve motor control design problems from simple to complex.

The MCP is a sophisticated high power motor controller that features a built-in scripting language. The built-in scripting language is a variant of BASIC, which is easy to use and familiar to most programmers. The I/O used for interfacing with external hardware is user controllable and can be automated via scripting. The MCP can be interfaced to and controlled by RS232, TTL, Analog, RC and CANopen inputs. MCP features the ability to directly control contactors and braking systems. The scripting feature of the MCP and it's wide range of interface methods makes it suitable for operating with industrial control logic such as PLCs. Alternately, the built-in automation functionality of the MCP allows it to be used as a standalone solution.

Configuring and programming an MCP controller is simple and straightforward with our free software called Motion Studio. All of the MCP's settings can be configured and tested from within the software. Motion Studio also features the ability to auto tune motor and encoder combinations, avoiding the trial and error of manually setting PID parameters. To make writing scripts for automation easier Motion Studio features a built-in IDE.

The MCP line features a large number of models available in a variety of voltage and current capacity configurations. MCP models are available with voltage ratings of 34, 60 and 80 volts as well as current handling capacities from 30 to 200 amps. All of the models have the full set of features described above as well as warranty coverage and easily accessible customer support.


  • MCP233 Dual 30A, 34VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP263 Dual 60A, 34VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP2163 Dual 160A, 34VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP236 Dual 30A, 60VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP266 Dual 60A, 60VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP2126 Dual 120A, 60VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP2166 Dual 160A, 60VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP2206 Dual 200A, 60VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP2128 Dual 120A, 80VDC Advanced Motor Controller
  • MCP2168 Dual 160A, 80VDC Advanced Motor Controller

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