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Miniaturization par excellence - IEH3-4096 L integrated encoder with Line Driver


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Faulhaber IEH3-4096 L integrated encoder with Line Driver

New, highly compact, IEH3-4096 L integrated encoder with Line Driver

FAULHABER launches the new IEH3-4096 L with Line Driver at SPS/IPC Drives 2018 in Nuremberg as a continuation of the existing portfolio of integrated encoders, thereby pushing miniaturization to new heights.

The existing products – IEH2-4096 with 2 channels and IEH3-4096 with another index channel – are already extremely compact. Integrated in the precious-metal commutated DC-micromotors of the SR series, they lengthen the motor by just 1.4 mm. In the same installation space, the IEH3-4096 L now adds another function: a Line Driver for noise-resistant transmission. With longer line lengths or if electromagnetic interference is present in the application, the Line Driver still facilitates reliable transmission of the encoder data.

In just 1.4 mm of installation space, the IEH3-4096 delivers quadrature signals A and B as well as the index channel each as complementary square wave signals. With a resolution of up to 0.022 degrees and a Line Driver, its compactness makes it the new leader of its class.

The IEH3-4096 L can be combined with DC-micromotors of the SR series with diameters from 15 to 17 mm and with DC-micromotors of the CXR series with diameters from 13 to 17 mm and is space-compatible with its predecessors, IEH2-4096 and IEH3-4096.


FAULHABER specializes in the development, production and deployment of high-precision small and miniaturized drive systems, servo components and drive electronics with output power of up to 200 watts. In addition to brushless motors, DC-micromotors and stepper motors, the product range also includes encoders, gearheads and drive electronics. In addition, FAULHABER also offers complete solutions for, among others, medical technology, automatic placement machine, precision optics, telecommunication, aerospace and robotics. FAULHABER has more than 1,900 employees worldwide.



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