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Maxon Precision Motors MAXPOS 50/5 Motion Controller


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Maxon Precision Motors MAXPOS 50/5 Motion Controller

MAXPOS 50/5 etherCAT Slave offers precision, dynamics, synchronization, reliability and durability under harsh industrial operating conditions.

MAXPOS 50/5 features/capabilities:

  • The latest FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology
  • Controller clock speed of 100 kHz
  • Digital Hall sensors and encoders up to 250 Watts
  • Voltage range from 10 to 50 VDC
  • Output power capability of 5 A continuous and 15 A peak current
  • Broad range of encoders and peripheral components

The MAXPOS 50/5 positioning controller also comes with extensive protective circuitry against over-current, excess temperature, under-voltage and over-voltage, voltage transients, short-circuits in the motor cable as well as loss of feedback signal. Motor and load can be optimally protected with adjustable current limiting.

MAXPOS 50/5 summary:

The MAXPOS 50/5 is a positioning controller for highly dynamic applications and receives motion and I/O commands from a superordinate EtherCAT-Master. Matched with brushed DC motors with encoder or brushless EC motors (BLDC) with Hall sensors and encoder up to 250 watts.


Maxon Precision Motors
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Fall River , MA 02720-4723
United States

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