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Maxon Motor Exoskeleton Joint Actuator - Reliable, Powerful, Efficient


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Maxon Motor Exoskeleton Joint Actuator

maxon motor  developed an exoskeleton drive for use in robotic limbs. This complete joint actuation unit consists of a pancake brushless DC motor with inertia optimized rotor. Also included is an internal high resolution encoder, planetary gearhead with absolute encoder and a position controller with CAN and RS232 interface. Fitting absolute encoder directly at the joint rotation provides designers increased positioning accuracy. The unit delivers 54Nm of continuous torque and 120Nm on a 20% duty cycle and may be operated on supplies between 10 and 50V DC and the actuation speed is up to 22rpm.

Other key features include:

  • compact housing
  • integrated controller
  • reduced weight and cost

The ideal choice for use in Hip and Knee Exoskeletons.


125 Dever Drive
Taunton , MA 02780
United States

Map for maxon in Taunton MA US

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