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Maxon Motor EPOS4 Positioning Controller


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Maxon EPOS4 Positioning Controller
Since its launch in 2005, maxon motor's EPOS range of controllers has been very successful in the marketplace supplying more than 100,000 units worldwide. To build upon this success, the Swiss drive specialist offers the EPOS4 as the next generation of positioning controllersThe high performance EPOS4 module designed with detachable pin headers and two different power ratings. The modules can be combined into a ready-to-install compact solution by using a connector board. The position controllers are suitable for efficient and dynamic control of brushed DC motors and brushless BLDC motors (EC motors) with Hall sensors, encoders up to 750 W continuous power and 1500 W peak power.


Greater performance and added functionality
This range of controllers now offers CANopen positioning with even more power, better control, and additional functionalities. The modular concept provides for a wide variety of expansion options with Ethernet-based interfaces, such as EtherCAT or absolute rotary encoders. All these innovations are based on the successful principle of our Easy to use POsitioning System.


The state-of-the-art control characteristics and wide variety of operating modes makes theses positioning controllers an excellent choice in a number of different fields including medical technology and robotics. Maxon also relies on integrated protective devices such as the Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality.
The EPOS4 position controllers are first choice for most drive applications considering the large input voltage range of up to 50 VDC, it’s extremely high power density and impressive 98% efficiency.


Intuitive parameterization
Start-up and parameterization are performed with an advanced, intuitive graphical user interface called “EPOS Studio”.  This is a user-friendly menu that helps customers to complete the sophisticated automatic process for controller tuning.  Customers are now free to fully dedicate themselves to their main objective – developing their devices. The EPOS comes with maxon's comprehensive know-how in drive technology, making motor control a secondary concern.  The integration for a wide variety of systems is made easy with three libraries and many programming examples. 

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