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Linear Motion - Miniature Guideway


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Linear Motion - Miniature Guideway

Combines Precise Measurement, Compact Footprint

Schneeberger, Inc., a leading global provider of linear guide technology has introduced a miniature guideway that provides best of class precision distance measurement in a compact, durable system. The MINISCALE miniature guideway provides measuring and guiding capabilities in a single integrated system for improved cost efficiencies in assembly and engineering time.

Featuring advanced optical measurement technology, the MINISCALE provides a resolution of 1 micron, measurement accuracy of +/- 3 microns up to 30 mm and +/- 10 microns up to 300 mm, and repeatability of +/- 2 microns. Schneeberger’s integrated optical measurement technology allows measurement directly on the surface of the guideway, which can reduce Abbe error by minimizing the relative distance between the measuring point and the sensor. The sensor electronics are not matched to the scale, so changing out the sensing carriage in the field is easily accomplished. However, with 100,000 hour MTTF rating of the electronics, the sensor is expected to last as long as the linear guideway itself for most applications.

Available in Minirail sizes MN 7, 9, 12, 15 and 14, 18, 24, 42 with scale length of up to 300mm, the MINISCALE miniature guideway moves at a maximum speed of 5 M/s, with a maximum acceleration of 30 g.

About Schneeberger

Schneeberger is a pioneer in linear motion systems technology, having introduced the first guideways with integrated linear encoder over 10 years ago. Schneeberger, Inc., one of four subsidiaries of W. Schneeberger AG, headquartered in Switzerland, designs, manufactures and markets precision linear motion components and systems for demanding applications. Products include ball and cross-roller bearings, miniature slides and rails, profiled guideways, automated linear modules, multi-axis positioning systems and precision ball screws. Based in Bedford, Mass., Schneeberger, Inc., sells directly through its six regional sales offices throughout the US.


Schneeberger Inc
44 6th Road
Woburn , MA 01801-1759
United States

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Our original guidelines for the construction of linear guideways defined the criteria for load bearing capacity, …
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