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Latest Integrated Servo Cuts Costs & Saves Space


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Latest Integrated Servo Cuts Costs & Saves Space

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI) releases the SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor, expanding their line of motion controllers beyond stepper technology. The SV160E2 incorporates a servo motor, drive, and controller in a single unit. AMCI’s SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor offers many sophisticated features and the compact design eliminates the need to purchase a multiple components because they are all built-in. AMCI’s SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor is ideal for both new machinery and retrofit applications.

SV160E2 Features

  • Servo Motor + Drive + Controller
  • 0.5Nm continuous torque, 1.3Nm peak torque
  • EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP & Profinet
  • Integrated, Dual-Port Switch
  • Simple Performance Tuning
  • Dynamic Torque Control
  • Safe Torque Off (optional)
  • Absolute Multi-Turn Encoder Feedback
  • Programs using PLC’s native software

E2 Technology

AMCI’s SV160E2 Integrated Servo Motor includes an integrated dual port switch with EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, & Profinet connectivity and has the following features: simple performance tuning, dynamic torque control, safe torque off (optional), virtual axis follower, absolute encoder feedback, built-in web server, compatible cord sets, and more. Additional software is not needed because everything is programmed from the PLC using the controller’s native software. Additionally, configuration files (EDS & GSDML) and sample programs help to streamline the product's initial set-up and programming.

Superior Durability

All units come standard with rugged industrial M12 connectors to provide superior durability. For applications requiring an IP50 rating you can opt for an SV160E2 Networked Series unit with a shaft seal.

Move Verification

AMCI's SV160E2 Integrated Servo comes standard with an absolute multi-turn encoder for move verification and closed-loop feedback.


If you're seeking flexibility, AMCI's SV160E2 Integrated Servo scores high marks. We've made it easy to add motion axes wherever you need them on your EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, and/or Profinet network, just plug in another SV160E2 Integrated Servo and configure your motion axis over the network with our simple web server - done.


E2 Technology by AMCI is an innovative new multi-protocol approach to Ethernet distributed I/O.  Supported protocols include EtherNet/IP™, Modbus-TCP, and PROFINET.

● Dual-Port Networking
● Multi-Protocol
● Web Server
● Native Software

The SV160E2 has a built-in Ethernet switch. The embedded switch provides a network connection for additional devices without increasing the nodes on your existing ethernet switch. Fault tolerant connections can detect a break in the network and redirect the network traffic maintaining communication and system up-time. 

DLR Video Tutorial

AMCI’s SynchroMotion technology enables coordinated motion control between the SV160E2 and Allen-Bradley motion axes (servo, VFD,  etc). The SV160E2 can be synchronized and geared to a master or virtual axis within the PLC, filling a gap that currently exists in the industry for small, inexpensive synchronized motion solution offerings. The SV160E2 Integrated Servo's unique approach to PLC-integration simplifies configuration, programming, and coordinated motion.


Network Availability: EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Profinet (all 3 networks built-in) w/Embedded Switch
Motor Resolution: 16,384 motor counts per turn
Input voltage: 48 to 80 Vdc
Motor current: 10.5 amps peak
Operating Temp: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Storage Temp: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)


Number/type 4 inputs, programmable
Logic range 12 Vdc - 24 Vdc
Function Home Limit, Over Travel Limit, Capture Input, Manual Jog Stop, E-Stop, registration, index move


Interface Ethernet
Bit rate 10-100 Mbps
Protocol Ethernet/IP, Modbus-TCP, & Profinet

AMCI has been a trusted source of PLC-based motion controls for nearly 35 years, and released their first integrated motor over 15 years ago. AMCI’s integrated motors are sold in partnership with leading names in the industry including Rockwell Automation (listed as an Encompass Product), IDEC Corporation (offering an integrated solution for the FC6A MicroSmart PLC), and Wittenstein (partnered to sell gearboxes).


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