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Latest heavy duty single channel brushed DC motor controller


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Latest heavy duty single channel brushed DC motor controller

BasicMicro is pleased to announce the latest addition to our line of single channel motor controllers: the Solo 300A. The Solo 300A is a heavy duty single channel brushed DC motor controller designed for high power applications such as combat robotics.

The Solo 300A is rated for 300A of continuous current and has a peak current rating of 400A. The Solo 300A is available as two different models, one rated for 34VDC and another rated for 60VDC. Both models feature a 1.2A BEC suitable for powering most microcontroller platforms on the market. The Solo 300A features an expanded pin header which allows the controller to operate and receive feedback from more external hardware such as limit switches, home switches and braking systems. The pins of the expanded header are compatible with standard servo cables which simplifies wiring external hardware.

The Solo 300A features customizable protection features for voltage, current and temperature. It also features battery protection logic that will shutdown the controller to protect a battery from a low voltage condition, this is especially useful when using LiPO batteries.

The Solo 300A comes encased in an anodized red aluminum case that doubles as a heat sink for the controller. On the top of the case are 3 status LEDS that indicate operating information. Mounting the controller is easy and simple with the 4 through hole bolt mounting points integrated in to the case.

As with all of our motor controllers, the Solo 300A is supported by our free configuration software Motion Studio. Motion Studio is able to set and test all of the details of the controller's configuration. One convenient feature of Motion Studio is the auto tuning routine that automatically configures PID settings for both velocity and position control. Attached motors can also be manually operated with Motion Studio to test a configuration before final installation of the hardware.

The Solo 300A is expected to begin shipping around April 30, 2020.

Visit us at basicmicro.com to see more details about the new Solo 300A as well as learn more about our entire product line.


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