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Largest Selection of COTS SSPCs Portfolio


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Largest Selection of COTS SSPCs Portfolio

Sensitron offers the largest selection of COTS portfolio for SSPCs, with proven rugged technology. Sensitron’s Remote Solid State Power Controller Boards are microcontroller-based boards designed for 28VDC applications, and are qualified for the M1A2, M1A2, M2A3, Stryker, and MGS programs, to name a few.

The Diamondback low-cost RPC Boards are used in military and aerospace applications where size, weight and power are critical in meeting design requirements. Built with a flexible design, each channel has software-programmable current ratings. Parameter measurements, system status information and control commands are issued over a serial communications interface (CAN, RS-232, etc.) Sensitron’s 100% production tested MIL-STD-1275 Transzorb SCP-5282 offers protection at clamping below 55Vdc for 100V and 250V, with no power consumption under clamping voltage threshold. The SCP-5282 has power savings with lower FET ratings, available up to 100kW peak power.


Sensitron Semiconductor
221 West Industry Court
Deer Park , NY 11729
United States

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Sensitron is a privately held company, founded in 1969 and located on Long Island in Deer Park, New York. The Facility …
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