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High Resolution Z-Elevator with Integrated Rotary Axis


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High Resolution Z-Elevator with Integrated Rotary Axis

NUTEC introduces a new generation of Elevator & Theta stage for very precise Z- and optional θ-Axis motion in a compact envelope. The reduced height minimizes Abbé error at the point of interest. The 1nanometer resolution direct reading optional vertical encoder permits controlling extremely short moves and the rotary axis features 4.5 micro radians resolution.

The patented mechanical transport design avoids the limitations of commonly available conventional designs lacking true trajectory control.
The dual X-roller vertical guide system creates a true elevation trajectory with low YPR and wobble to achieve highly precise elevation plane co-planarity, even with high payloads up to 25Kg.
The single inclined plane wedge drive with rolling motion actuation is a distortion free vertical-axis drive permitting precise control of small increment strokes.
The stage drive options for the Z-axis include linear & rotary servo motor and for the Theta Axis direct drive servo torque motor .
The modular concept of this mechatronic platform with many execution options allows a high degree of customization to meet specific application requirements.

Typical applications are found in micromachining, semi-conductor fabrication metrology & testing; wafer testing; bio-medical production processes, optical testing, Laboratory and R&D, laser machine platforms, metrology & assembly, , life sciences equipment, vacuum and clean room environments and general automation equipment,,

This Elevator & Theta Stage is designed and manufactured by NUTEC COMPONENTS, INC., a manufacturer of innovative, value-driven mechatronic precision positioning and motion equipment distributed throughout the global marketplace.


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