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High Quality, Low Cost Linear Potentiometers from Opkon


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Linear Potentiometers from Opkon

Opkon linear potentiometers ( ) are a reliable and economical option for many applications. Some key benefits include:

  • Broad Stroke Options: 50mm to over 1m
  • Outputs: Ratiometric, Voltage (0-10V) and Current (4-20mA)
  • Excellent Repeatability <0.01mm
  • Wide variety of housing profiles to fit any application
  • 100 Million Cycle Lifetime
  • IP65 Environmental Rating

For decades potentiometers have been plagued by wear issues. To address this Opkon has launched their Advanced Ruby Series. Designed to last up to 100 million cycles, these potentiometers rely on high quality double-wipers made from gold and palladium in combination with Teflon coatings to reduce rod friction. Although not a replacement for non-contact sensors in the most extreme environments, the Advanced Ruby Series offers a significant increase in long-term reliability and accuracy at a small increase in cost.

Everight Position prides itself in partnering with product lines that provide world-class performance and service.

To learn how Opkon linear potentiometers can help on your next application, please refer to this Whitepaper: ( )

Or contact Everight Position, + 1 856 727 9500 , [email protected] .


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