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High Precision, Super Flat, 2.5 nm Resolution Integral XY Compound Stage


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High Precision, Super Flat, 2.5 nm Resolution Integral XY Compound Table


The METROSTAGE MS-250 is a linear motor driven 3-tier positioning table with 2.5 nm resolution encoders. MS-250 is an Integral X/Y Compound high precision positioning table designed for precise planar movement absent any perturbation in z motion resulting in a super flat trajectory.


The MS-250 delivers extreme low yaw and pitch trajectory over 250mm of travel achieving high accuracy positioning performance. Zero velocity ripple from ironless linear servo motor drives. Custom guide rails enable extreme high in-position stability, even with substantial payloads.


Wherever tight trajectory control is required, the MS-250 meets the most demanding positioning requirements. MS-250 is suitable for 24/7 operation in metrology, dispensing, lithography, mask generation. Applications with high in-position stability.


Stage & System

MS-250 is available as a XY positioning table only or integrated system with digital servo control and CNC G&M code GUI.

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