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Harmonic Drive Ac Servo Actuator with Yaskawa Ac Servo Drive


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Harmonic Drive SHA series Ac Servo Actuator / Yaskawa Σ-7 Ac Servo Drive

Join Together for a Complete Solution

HarmonicDrive SHA Series AC Servo Actuators now connect directly with Σ-7 servo drives from Yaskawa to communicate with EtherCAT or MECHATROLINK-III. SHA Series Actuators are available in two series, SG and CG.

  • The AC Servo Actuator combines our HarmonicDrive® reducer with a flat AC servo motor.
  • Same accuracy and resolution as direct drive motors in a lightweight, compact configuration.
  • The hollow shaft design allows piping and cabling to pass directly through the axis of rotation.
  • Flat configuration enables compact machine designs.
  • One-way positioning accuracy: Gear Ratio 50:1 = 40 arc-sec (0.014 degrees) Gear Ratio 80:1 and higher = 30 arc-sec (0.011 degrees) (SHA-32Y/40Y-CG)
  • Torque to Volume ratio is more than 5 times greater than Direct Drive Motors.
  • The SHA-Y series actuators are easy to use with "Σ-7 series" EtherCAT or MECHATROLINK-III communication.

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