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FAULHABER Short BLDC servomotor with 16 mm diameter

The 1645... BHS brushless DC servomotor from FAULHABER is setting the bar in its class with an extremely short response time, high speed and large permissible radial load. The successful BHx series with a diameter of 16 mm is thus further expanded by an even more compact version which is only 45 mm long. And much like the rest of the product range, this extremely powerful BLDC motor is also characterized by low vibration and heat development. It is therefore predestined for applications that demand a lot of power and offer little space.

The BHx series consists of gapless, brushless high-performance motors with 2-pole technology and a diameter of 16 mm. At 100 000 rpm, the new 1645 … BHS version reaches a significantly higher speed compared to similar-size motors on the market. It also achieves top values at maximum radial load (18 N), power density (58.5 W) and torque (8 mNm). In combination with a suitable planetary gearhead, the motor is capable of delivering a very high torque of 800 nNm at just 12 000 rpm.

The 1645 … BHS brings a slew of other benefits with it. At 90% efficiency and minimal heat development and vibration, the motor is very energy efficient. Its extremely short response time is due to very low mechanical start time constant and rotor inertia values as well as its extremely fast angular acceleration. In conjunction with the flat slope of the n/M characteristic curve (429 rpm /mNm) it yields the motor's optimal running behavior, which is thus capable of keeping up with fluctuating output requirements with no delay.

Digital Hall sensors are built in. An integrated incremental sensor is optionally available. A wide range of connecting components is available for different applications, from Speed and Motion Controller through to control and gearhead. The motor's rugged, compact design and outstanding performance data make it particularly suitable to demanding applications that offer little space. Typical uses are electric grippers, small hand-pieces, robotic systems, lab automation or mechatronic instruments of all types.

The "big brother" of the 1645 … BHS – namely the 1660 … BHS and BHT series – can be used if more installation space is available. These also offer top performance data in their size class. The two versions are optimized for high speed (BHS) and high torque (BHT).


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