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EC-22 HD motor is a Heavy Duty Drive Solution from Maxon


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maxon precision motor EC22 HD brushless dc motor

maxon offers its EC22 HD motor, a 22mm-diameter brushless motor that outperforms any other commercial electric drive on shock, vibration and temperature tolerances. This motor was developed for the challenging requirements in deep drilling technology and resists the most extreme operating conditions.

The electronically commutated EC22 HD motor was developed in collaboration with the oil exploration industry. It is designed to operate at depths of around 16,000 feet and in boreholes up to 36,000 feet long.

In extensive field trails completed in a high-temperature test facility, the motor operated at temperatures up to 240°C and under atmospheric pressure conditions from high vacuum to 25,000 psi. It has also been proven to resist impulse and impact forces of 100G. It can operate while submerged in oil, trebling its 80W output rating to 240W, because of the improved heat dissipation.

maxon believes this motor will appeal to many industries where reliability is essential. The motor has an efficiency of 88% in air, and above 70% in oil. These characteristics make the motor particularly suitable for battery-powered applications


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